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Please tick mark (√) the documents that have been attached with the application:

Tenant Co-tenant / Guarantor
1) Front and back of Driver's License YesNo YesNo
2) Copies of last two bank statements YesNo YesNo
3) Copies of last two paystubs YesNo YesNo
4) Copies of your renters insurance (minimum liability$100,000) YesNo YesNo
5) Reference completed by current landlord YesNo YesNo

Tenant and Co-tenant/Guarantor declare that all of the above statements made in the application are true and complete, and hereby authorize the landlord to verify all of the above information, references and records. If Tenant and Co-tenant/Guarantor have given any false information, Landlord is entitled to reject the application, and retain all application fees as liquidated damages for Landlord’s time and expenses in processing the application.

Credit and background check will be completed by an independent agency. Agency will send you an email on behalf of the landlord requesting the required information. Tenant and Co-tenant will purchase their credit report and grant the landlord secure access directly through the credit bureau. Tenant and CoLtenant agree to pay the fees associated with it. Please note that if tenant has a Guarantor, only the latter will have to complete the report.

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